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Armen Oganesyan

Armen Oganesyan


Our credo – being Intelligent Readers’ Choice – is not a PR slogan. It is our strongly held belief that intelligent audiences are found not exclusively among elites and in the corridors of punditry – “the street” actually abounds with intelligent readers. In today’s world, you will hardly ever come across even local events or developments which are insulated from the pervasive global context. The essence of our mission is to help people understand the dynamics of the increasingly interconnected globalizing world, to provoke thought.

Russia is legitimately proud of its diplomats steeped in the tradition which can be traced back to A.S. Griboyedov, F.I. Tyutchev, A.M. Gorchakov, and K.N. Leontyev and combines responsibility and professionalism with sharp thinking and crisp writing. We draw from this legacy and also stay hospitable to authors from around the world, with their original views and diverse perspectives on global politics. International Affairs is a journal with a keen interest in a whole range of humanities.

For us, the coverage of cultural life, Russian and foreign book reviews, studies in the history of world politics, and the publication of documents freshly extracted from archives are not sidelines but priority spheres of activity.

International Affairs has never been a ministerial outlet narrowly focused on the craft of diplomacy. For decades the journal used to be Russia’s nationwide and international brand, and is currently staging a comeback as such. Thanks to everybody: to our authors, readers, friends, to all those who are helping us.