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Monday, 08 July 2013 21:18

S. V. Lavrov

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The International Life issues give us a chance to trace back the Russian diplomatic history for nearly a century – from the 1922 Genoa Conference and the Treaty of Rapallo to the foreign policy of new Russia, including initiatives to create new architecture of security and cooperation in Euro-Atlantic, in Asian-Pacifi c region and other parts of the world and efforts made to settle confl ict situations. 

I am impressed by the once and for all adopted creative credo of the International Life – to report on signifi cant events and interesting people in diplomacy, current global issues and our foreign policy in a highly professional way and at the same time with words that are clear both to foreign affairs experts and non-experts who are eager to study the foreign policy of our country. 

Today the magazine is deservedly viewed as one of the most respected print media in international relations area, the source of high-quality information and analytical materials that are in demand either in the area of diplomacy and among general readers, including foreign readers. When the world is rapidly changing and on-line media are getting more and more competitive, we’d like to make special mention of the International Life efforts to work enthusiastically and creatively, using high information technologies including web-portal. Special theme-based issues, the “Unedited History “ collection, international conferences and “panel discussions”, lectures as part of the “Golden Collection” project draw attention of the Russian and foreign scientifi c and expert community and allow to advance regularly the foreign policy agenda of our country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia highly appreciates constructive interaction with the magazine editorial staff and is ready to further develop effective cooperation contributing to successful implementation of the Russia’s foreign policy.

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